The Best of California Craft Beer: Stone Brewing Co.

We are making this empty 3L bottle into a light fixture!

As Adam has mentioned in previous posts, we are committed to featuring craft beers and wines representing the best of California.  Our beer selection will feature a minimum of 12 taps, 25 bottle choices and we will be offering unique and interesting cask conditioned beers on a regular basis.

I am writing this post while enjoying an Arrogant Bastard Ale from Stone Brewing located up the road in Escondido, CA.  It seems fitting to focus on this local craft brewing icon since many of their beers will be mainstays on our list.  Founded in 1996, Stone Brewing  produced 400 bbls in their first year. In 2010 they produced 115,000 bbls making them the fastest growing brewery in terms of year over year percentage annual growth in America over the past 13 years!

In addition to making some amazing beers we appreciate that they embrace sustainability in their business model by:

  • Producing approximately 30 % of the brewery’s total electricity with a 277 kilowatt solar array on their roof.
  • Maximizing water efficiency by using low flow fixtures.
  • Using a bio-diesel blend in all of their delivery trucks.
  • Spent grain from the brewing process is used as animal feed for local dairy farmers and mulch in their gardens.
  • Their one acre gardens are maintained using 100% organic methods.

You may not be aware but Stone Brewing also distributes beer for many of California’s best craft brewers and offers us a great opportunity to share with you the beers from Alesmith, Bear Republic, Black Market, Eel River Brewing, Iron Fist, Mad River, Russian River, The Bruery and The Lost Abbey, as well as ciders from Fox Barrel and Julian.


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