About me (Brad)


Hey , what’s going on?
My name is Brad. I’m a dad on the back side of 40, married, with a couple of kids.
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I’m doing with my life and what other people are doing with their lives. Looking around and observing the choices that people make and what they decide to devote their years to.

Sometimes people seem to fall into careers without hardly even trying . They launch easily and they just keep rising . . . and it all looks effortless.
Other people never really launch. They don’t put much effort into education or training. They end up in somewhat dead-end jobs or at least jobs that don’t get them very far.
Other people go the college route and come out still not knowing what they want to do.

I’ve seen the whole spectrum happen and I think about it a lot, especially In regards to the earning power of people.
The son of a friend of mine came out of school with a degree in music performance. Guess what he’s doing now? He’s a car salesman.
He did get a job out of college In the music performance field . It was a good job and he really enjoyed doing what he was doing . He used his natural skills, his experience, and his education in that job and was a very valued employee.

But then a job offer came along from Tesla, making more money, with stock options and better health insurance . He took that job simply because of the compensation package . So now this kid who is the age of my son Is making double what I make. He just bought himself a Tesla and probably paid 70 grand for it .  He’s thinking about buying a house because that would help out his tax situation.

His friend, who is the same age, is making money hand over fist doing virtually the same thing. He just bought himself a house in Orange County, which, if you know anything about Orange County, California, you know that a house the size of a postage down Is gonna cost a fortune. Anything bigger than that Is out of reach for 98% of the population.
So this kid is working as a car salesman, making a ton of money, and my friend’s son is the same.

They both went to college and got degrees that have nothing to do with car sales.
Anyway so I’m thinking a lot about career choices and career paths and the influences that shape peoples’ choices . And about how much money they make  and ultimately what they can do with their lives with money or without money.
So this is a random blog about that subject. Feel free to comment if you want . I’m open to other observations and opinions.  If anything is obscene or drifts into the rant world, I won’t allow the comment.