Good Careers and Teslas: A Measure of Success

Want a Tesla?

I was telling you about the son of a friend of mine that I visited recently.

Actually, I was visiting my friend, not the son. But on one of the evenings that I was with my friend, the son joined us for dinner.
This is a kid that I watched grow up. Really a delightful kid. He was always interested in music, among other things. His music interest peaked in college.

He was in a marching band that did extremely well, and he also was in several house bands that operated out of his garage. As I recall he played bass guitar and drums, and he did a lot of sound engineering and mixing.

The band that he was in with his brother did very well and played at different venues around the county. They enjoyed a certain amount of success. They had to disband because one member had issues with drugs and the group fell apart after that.

Still, this kid was heavily involved in music throughout his high school years. This is what drove his decision to major in music performance in college. Actually, I don’t think it was music performance. It was Music for Business.

But anyway it had to do with using music in the business arena, particularly for film and TV. He apparently excelled at this and got a job in that field before he graduated. The job extended after graduation, In other words, he just kept working there but was able to work more after he finished school.

From what I understand, at this job he was creating original scores for TV shows and advertisements. His goal was to write original scores for movies.

He seemed to be on this track and if he didn’t do that with this particular company, I’m sure he would’ve ended up doing that for another company. His dad had a lot of ties with people in the film industry in Los Angeles and Hollywood.

But another job came along in a completely different field. In the field of car sales, to be precise. Now I know this doesn’t sound that great, but the car I’m talking about is the Tesla.
I don’t know a whole lot about Tesla, except that it has emerged as a fore=front producer of the luxury electric/hybrid car.

So my son ‘s friend got a job selling Teslas.

Now, according to my friend, he’s making money hand over fist.

He took me on a ride in a 2016 Tesla. I was completely blown away.

My friend’s son told me that he owns a Tesla himself. It’s not a 2016 but still is a Tesla. He told me that the price of the Tesla ranges from $70 grand to $140 grand.
So when I say he’s a car salesman It’s a bit misleading. Or at least, doesn’t communicate completely accurately. He’s a car salesman who does extremely well for an expensive, luxury, niche auto manufacturer.

I know this kid Is really more about money than about doing what he loves to do. Right now he loves what he’s doing because he’s making fantastic money.
But I wonder if one day he’ll regret putting aside his passion (music production) for the sake of a job that just padded his bank account.

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