Careers and Things that Influence Our Choices

Let’s Branch Out

So , still thinking about the subject of career choices, and also about education that influences career choices.

We have the example of my son ‘s friend, who was passionate about music in his high school years and college years, who came out of college with a job in the music field, but has turned away from that to go into a completely different industry because he can make more money.

It does make me think about the state of our local education.
It seems to me that our school systems are all about churning out kids who do well on tests on a specific set of core subjects. Would you agree?

There doesn’t seem to be much effort put into teaching kids stuff that they could use for a job, or even in guiding kids as their interests develop. I mean, guiding them into careers that take into account their interests and passions.

Some schools do this. Some counties have magnet schools for the arts. These public schools, which are typically high schools, offer all of the regular and required high school subjects, but kids also specialize in fields and take courses in those fields on top of the required courses.

There is a local public art school in town that offers courses in elective fields of dance, drama, band, orchestra, vocals, writing, and technical theater.

Kids that complete four or six years at this school (it goes from Grade 6 – 12) are able to either capitalize on their field of study if they going to college or even make that field their vocation of choice.

I wonder if other courses were incorporated into a standard high school education, would that open up more doors for kids to be successful post-school? Even if they were going to college, some courses could expand their opportunities while they were still in school.

I think about the area of real estate investing. What if there was a high school course taught about real estate investing?
Imagine if a high school senior had all the knowledge he or she needed to buy and flip property without using much of their own money?

Or if a kid came out of high school knowing how to wholesale property?
This area alone –the subject of real estate investing – could be a fantastic addition to the high school diploma.

If real estate investing wasn’t in everyone’s interest, we could consider adding other courses that would appeal to a different group of kids.
You see where I’m going with this.

I’m not advocating kids not going to college. I think going to college is extremely important.

I’m just saying, let’s look at what we’re teaching kids in high school. Let’s give them some other courses about things that they might really care about. And then let’s incorporate the core required courses into those other courses.

Then maybe kids would be motivated to do well at the core courses when they see how that material helps them with other areas that they’re really interested in.

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