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How Can I Grill in an Apartment?

For many years, grilling has been perceived as an outdoor activity whereby a family or a group of friends enjoy it together. However, things keep changing, and some people no longer have those spacious backyards for such activities. Also, most property agencies, owners, and local authorities have rules restricting occupants from grilling in an apartment. Does it mean you should be missing this grilling fun? No, there is a solution.

Can I grill in an apartment? Yes, you can, but you have to use an indoor electric grill because gas and charcoal grills are highly restricted in apartments and condos. This post will guide you through how to grill in an apartment properly. It also highlights the safety rules you ought to observe.

A Guide to Grill in an Apartment

As highlighted above, it’s possible to grill in an apartment without being affected by rules and regulations by property owners or the respective local authority. Almost all states have laws based on fires codes or civil laws that restrict apartment dwellers from grilling. It makes sense: it’s a proactive measure of preventing fires and damages related to charcoal and gas grills. However, you have an alternative if you live in an apartment and want to enjoy grilling your food at home.

Let’s explore what you should do instead.


What can you use for grilling in an apartment?

If you want to grill in an apartment, you have two choices, i.e., an indoor electric grill and a grill pan.

Indoor Electric Grill

An indoor electric grill is a grilling unit that uses electricity as a source of power. It is characterized by the electric heat element located beneath a grill grate. Unlike conventional grills, electric grills don’t use flame for cooking and are smokeless. The heating element heats the grill grate where food is placed.

Electric grills also feature a non-stick cooking surface; therefore, foods don’t stick while cooking. The thermostat is an essential feature because it makes it easy to control heat while grilling.

Most electric grills come with a drip tray/pan that collects all excess oils dropped from foods.

Is an electric grill different from a conventional grill? They are different, but they serve similar purposes. One notable difference is that electric grills are smokeless while a typical grill produces smoke.

What makes an electric grill suitable for indoor grilling and especially grilling in apartments? Below are the reasons:


Electric grills are easy to use and clean. Also, you can cook on them any time of the day in your house.


Electric grills don’t produce smoke because they don’t use flames, making them a good choice for indoor cooking.

Compact and lightweight

Electric grills feature a compact design; thus, you can easily use them on a kitchen countertop or a small table. It’s also easy to store in your apartment. Most importantly, their lightweight allows you to move from one place to another within your apartment easily. You can even use electric grills on an apartment’s balcony.

Not restricted

Electric grills are not prone to restriction because they pose minimal risk compared to gas and charcoal grills. No flames are involved; therefore, there is minimal risk of fires while cooking. Also, they don’t produce smoke; thus, soot won’t form on the interior of an apartment.

Grill Pan

A grill pan is another substitute for indoor grilling. As the name suggests, it’s a pan usually square/rectangular and has grooves or ridges on the cooking surface. It assimilates the grill, and it’s used over stovetops.

How does a grill pan work? A grill pan is placed on a stovetop to conduct heat. After it’s heated, you start grilling as you do on a regular grill or an electric grill. A well-heated grill pan can give you similar results to a normal grill, i.e., excellent char marks and tasty food.

Grill pans come in different sizes, from small to large grills

Why should you try a grill pan for indoor cooking in your apartment anyway? The same advantages listed above for indoor electric grills also apply to grill pans. Generally, they don’t produce smoke, are easy to use, don’t occupy much space, and are not prone to restrictions.


Safety Rules for Grilling Indoors

Here are a few basic rules you should follow when grilling food indoors.

  • Avoid leaving the grill unattended- generally, you should always keep an eye on the grill while using it.
  • Don’t let pets and children go near the grill- when children and pets are near the grill, it’s risky, and you’re prone to burning or even messy cooking.
  • Ensure your electric grill’s power cord doesn’t get into contact with water.
  • Always turn off the grill when not using it.
  • While grilling indoors, ensure you have adequate ventilation- always open the windows for better air circulation in your apartment.
  • Ensure you have easy access to a fire extinguisher within your apartment.
  • Always refer to your respective apartment’s grilling safety regulations and tips.